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2022 Recruiting Trends and Tips

It’s safe to say the job market won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Here are a few ways employers and job seekers can stay on their A game as we navigate this new normal.

For Employers & Hiring Managers:

Be Timely

  • Your people are your most valuable asset. Make hiring and interviewing a top priority and act quickly. Time is money but in the recruiting world time is hires. Where can you save time in your interview process? Do you really need that extra phone screen? Could an in-person interview be a virtual interview instead? More often than not you are not the only company a candidate is exploring. Companies can't afford to sit on strong candidates in this market.

Consider Options to Go Virtual

  • Be open to a flexible working arrangement if and whenever possible. Companies that are remaining competitive in this environment are those that can and do allow their employees balance to work from various locations.

Don't get caught up on tenure

  • Ask candidates about movement on their resume but don't automatically filter them out before giving them an opportunity to explain. Movement or gaps may be due to escaping a toxic work environment, focusing on mental health or prioritizing family.

Have competitive benefits

  • I'm not talking about a ping pong table in the break room or team happy hours, I mean truly valuable and inclusive incentives. See more 2022 inclusive benefit trends HERE.

For Job Seekers:

Update your LinkedIn profile!

  • I can't tell you how many qualified candidates I almost didn't message because they didn't have their certifications listed on their profile. Always include certifications, systems you've worked in, education, and a brief description of each position you've been in.

Change your settings

  • Recruiters are most likely to message someone who is more likely to respond such as someone who's settings are "open to work."

  • Side note- your current employer will NOT see when you change your status to "Open to work" unless you make it public on your profile with the #opentowork banner. If it is not public on your profile, only recruiters from other companies can see your status. Click HERE to learn how to update your settings.

Be prepared

  • During the interview process, be prepared to answer why you are looking for new opportunities, what you are looking for, what you value in a team and a leader, and what you are looking for compensation wise.

  • Revamp your resume. See our 3 tips for writing a rock-solid resume HERE

Be transparent

  • Let your recruiter be an advocate for you! That's what we're here for (well most of us, anyway). We want you to succeed, transparency is KEY on both sides. Open communication not only creates a great candidate experience but the foundation for a terrific long-term employer-employee relationship.

Do you have any recruiting trends or tips you’re anticipating for 2022? Comment below!

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