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Land the Job! Interview Tips That Will Get You Hired.

Looking for a new job? You aren’t alone, January and February are the highest traffic months for jobseekers to look for a new job. Once you’ve landed the interview, there several steps you can take to prepare for you a successful interview.

Interviewing 101 – Know Your Stuff

When you’ve done your research, it shows during the interview. A little time investment to prepare will go a long way to set you up for success. Prior to the interview, make sure you have dedicated time to understanding the company and position prior to sitting down for an interview.

1. Review the company website in detail. You should have a good understanding of the basics on the company product or service, a bit about their history and any notable, recent events within the organization. Did the company just launch a new product? Or undergo a merger? Those are things that you should know going into an interview, and they provide great topics for questions during your interview.

2. Research the role – read the job description. Ok, we know this one seems obvious, but we have certainly encountered candidates who read the job title and stopped there. Understanding the job description will enable you to ask thoughtful questions during the interview and it will also ensure that you are qualified to tackle the responsibilities of the role.

3. Research the company culture. Can you answer the question, “why do you want to work here?”. Researching the company culture can help you craft a thoughtful and educated response. There is a plethora of resources that provide insight into a company’s culture, so take advantage of some of the information that is out there.

-Company’s social media pages – Linked-in, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

-Glassdoor & Indeed – provides access to company profiles, reviews and insights from current and previous employees

-News Articles – what has the company been up to in the news? A quick Google search in the news section can give you the latest and greatest in the happenings of the company.

Get the Details Down

Know the time, location and attire for the interview and plan accordingly. Seem basic? It might be but realizing the morning of the interview that your business professional attire has a hole or no longer fits can cause panic as you prepare for your interview. Showing up late to the interview because you did not plan for traffic or parking will start you off on the wrong foot from the beginning. Best to avoid any preventable issues that might cause extra stress the day of your interview, or worse yet, cost you the job.

Stay Positive

You might be on the job hunt due to disdain for your current employer but voicing that disdain during an interview reflects negatively on you. Whether it be company culture, a bad manager, work life balance, that caused you to look for a new job, regardless of the reason, keep your comments positive and neutral. Turn the negatives of your previous or current employer in to learning experiences that you can share during the interview.

Prepare Answers to some Standard Interview Questions

Put your mind at ease by preparing some example answers to a few standard interview questions. Taking time to sit down and prepare answers in advance prompts you to reflect on key career achievements and learning experiences that you can reference during your interview. This prep time might also help you fit off nerves when you are in the interview and give you confidence in the answers you provide.

And Bring your Own Questions

In today’s tight job market, it is just as much about the candidate interviewing the company as the company interviewing the candidate. You should walk into any interview ready to ask a minimum of three questions of the people that interview you. What matters to you in a new job? Ask about those things. Our best advice, jot down a handful of questions in advance of the interview. When the nerves kick in, you will Coming prepared to ask questions shows you are interested and engaged in the role and can set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

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