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How To: Working From Home During COVID-19

It is no secret that everyone’s lives have been drastically turned upside down in the last two weeks as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Schools have been closed across the United States and thousands of parents have been asked to work remotely. This sparks a unique challenge as everyone tries to balance their new normal.

Many parents have experienced that one off “work from home day” when you have a sick kiddo or due to bad weather, but the reality of working remotely every single day alongside your kids is overwhelming to say the least. There is already so much added stress in the world during these trying times and we wanted to do our part in a small way to help relieve that. #TeamTalentFund has created 4 Tips & Tricks to allow you to be more productive during your day – and let me tell you we speak from experience!

1. Creating a Schedule

First things first – it’s time to get organized! Creating a schedule is key for efficiency but we do understand this might look slightly different for everyone depending on the ages of your children. A useful tip would be to try and arrange the most engaging activities during the time you need to be most productive. After about a week or so everyone will feel the rhythm and get comfortable in this routine.

Sample Kids Schedule – *Make this your own!*

8:00am – Wake Up

· Eat Breakfast

· Brush Teeth

· Change Clothes

· Make Bed

9:00am – Exercise

· Take a Walk

· Dancing

· Yoga

· Scooter

· Jump on Trampoline

10:00am – Academic & Snack

· Flash Cards

· Reading

· Workbook

· Journaling

11:00am – Creative

· Coloring

· Building Blocks/Legos

· Puzzles

· Crafts

12:00pm – Cleanup & Lunch

1:00pm – Nap

3:00pm – Academic

· Flash Cards

· Reading

· Workbook

· Journaling

4:00pm – Technology Time & Snack

· Movie

· Game on iPad

· YouTube

· Zoom or Skype a Friend

5:00pm – Evening Routine

· Cleanup

· Dinner

· Bath

· Reading

· Bedtime

2. Communication

Communication is crucial during this time with all parties (your children, spouse, co-workers, and even clients). When your phone rings it is A-OK to be transparent about the fact that a child might walk in the room. Is this ideal? Probably not but please remember everyone will be completely accepting of these circumstances.

3. Take Breaks

Give yourself grace! Everyone is feeling all the things during this stressful time, but it is important to take a step back and unwind. We recommend going for a walk, doing a workout class, listening to a podcast, or just having some quiet time. You will be surprised how much more productive you will be when you reset and recharge for a few minutes.

4. Alternate Shifts with your Partner or a Family Member

If you are in a position that both you and your spouse or a family member are working from home together, alternating shifts can make working remote easier for sure. Whether this is splitting the day in two or rotating – this gives the opportunity for uninterrupted work time.

Although this is unique situation, we never thought we would be in – remember this is temporary and many are in this together. I am confident we will all make the best of it and be stronger in the end. We hope this makes things a little more normal during the uncertainty life brings right now. TalentFund is thinking of you!

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