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CONSIDER THIS: Favorite Business Books

It is not new news that reading is beneficial to you. It helps you relax, it helps challenge your mind, it improve cognitive skills, the list goes on and on. What is not always the most common benefit listed by teachers, librarians or maybe even your mother, is career growth. Business News Daily recently summarized numerous studies around the world showing that when business professionals consistently read, they are more empathetic, less stressed, more creative and more intelligent.

Our TalentFund team has put together a list of our favorite books to inspire growth, relaxation and even some fun for our clients and friends. Consider picking one of these for your next read!

Save Your Asks, by Chris Tuff

  • A great perspective on new ways to approach networking and relationship building! Chris Tuff shares personal stories from various leaders in their field, highlighting how to form genuine connections in today’s world.

The Making of a Manager, by Julie Zhuo

  • Managers can make or break team morale and growth potential, so what makes someone a good or a bad manager? Drawing from personal experiences, Julie Zhuo focuses on how to help create good managers, whether you are new to the role or a seasoned professional. The biggest takeaway: great managers are made, not born.

Atomic Habits, by James Clear

  • A New York Times best seller, with over one million copies sold, this book is a must read! Personal or professional development, James Clear simplifies the complex nature of forming new habits with last results.

Leaders Eat Last, by Simon Sinek

  • In an interesting and uncommon correlation, Simon Sinek looked into the behaviors and practices of some of the most crucial team settings in America, our military, to understand what may drive a team’s ability and willingness to work together, while some team’s and companies cultivate feelings of internal competitiveness and cynicism amongst peers. This book encourages leaders to look at themselves in order to inspire trust and faith in their teams.

The Tipping Point, by Malcom Gladwell

  • A big book about a tiny message, looking into the phenomenon of ‘how little things make a big difference’, and how to consider both the big and the small ideas for your team or business, understanding that the tipping point for a major breakthrough could be sparked from a seemingly insignificant moment.

Lunchmeat & Life Lessons, The Butcher’s Daughter, by Mary Lucas (bonus - a local Kansas City story!)

  • With a different approach, Mary Lucas has made a career for herself through the stories she shares and the wisdom she gained from her father, a Kansas butcher who helped raise her and her 9 siblings. Drawing from the charisma and insight of her successful and adored father, Mary has made it her life mission to help people make meaningful, genuine connections in their lives.

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