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Five Steps to Your New Job in 2020!

New Job, New Year, New You

Are you in a job slump? With 2020 quickly approaching, many individuals are finding themselves wanting a change so they can start fresh this New Year. It is absolutely no surprise that January is one of the best and busiest times to search for a different opportunity due to hiring peaks.

Let #TeamTalentFund help you prepare and land your dream job by following this easy 5-step process below.

Step 1: Build Resume & Determine your Ideal Wish List

First things first - it’s time to dust off your old resume and make critical updates or create a new one to start the job search process. It’s important to keep this to one page; no need to write a novel! Your resume should always be clean and concise; don’t overthink it. You will want to make sure you are highlighting your experience that speaks to whatever opportunity you are applying for.

Helpful tool to get started:

Step 2: Get a LinkedIn page and Make Your Social Media Private

If you don’t have LinkedIn – THE TIME IS NOW! Today, it is just as important to have an updated LinkedIn profile while searching for a job as it is an updated resume. Just think of this as your professional persona. LinkedIn is used for professional networking, finding top talent, and job seekers looking for their next opportunities. They make it easy for anyone! Click here: Linked-in Homepage, to set-up an account and get started.

While you’re sitting at your computer perfecting your LinkedIn profile, you should also focus on making your social media handles private. Nobody needs to see what you were up to last Saturday night. Better yet, the best-case scenario (and we highly recommend it) is to just stay professional on social media altogether. As you know, whatever you are posting is out there for

the world to see. Dancing on tables won’t help you land your dream job either.

Step 3: Network Outreach

Searching for a job can certainly be a stressful process, but it is important to note that you are not alone. This is the most ideal time to reach out to your network for support and assistance. Who might be in your network, you ask? This could be anyone from family, friends, mentors, coaches, old bosses, and even colleagues. During this time take advantage of all the fun conversations and enlist in your army. You will be surprised at all the individuals that will come forward and be willing to help.

Step 4: Begin Applying

Roughly 70% of jobs come from strictly networking, which is why step 3 is so important. But while you’re looking, try to attack all angles! Job boards and applying to companies directly online through their website are two great approaches as well. You want to make sure you are taking the time to read through the job descriptions and opportunities thoroughly before clicking apply. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY PEOPLE – make sure you are spending ample time perfecting your applications and making any necessary changes to your resume to make yourself stand out, rather than applying to everything that you see with the same information. Trust us!

Top Job Boards Recommendations:

1.) LinkedIn

2.) ZipRecruiter

3.) CareerBuilder

4.) Glassdoor

5.) Indeed

Step 5: Start Interviewing

At this time, you will start getting the exciting news that you were chosen for an interview. We knew you could do it. Now, make sure you ROCK it and are prepared. We suggest you always do research on the company and know exactly what they do, review the job description and prepare any questions you might have, dress professionally to put your best foot forward, arrive 5-10 minutes early to show you are prompt, and follow up with a thank-you note afterwards to show your interest level.

Good luck – you got this!

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