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Hiring Strategy: Making the Most of an Interview

Are you planning to hire a new team member for your company organization? There is a lot to navigate when making the decision to bring on a new employee. In such a competitive job market, finding the best talent at the ideal salary range can be a bit difficult.

The TalentFund team has you covered.

An interview plays a significant role in the hiring process. This is the stage when you can select the best candidate for your organization. If you are a hiring manager who wants to improvise the interview process, this article would help you.

As a hiring manager, your role isn’t just to ask questions to candidates. Your role is also to identify the best talent. Here we have mentioned some of the best tips for hiring managers to make the most of an interview.

1. Prepare in advance

We all know that interview preparation is important for candidates. In the same way, it is important for hiring managers as well. To figure out the skills and talent of the candidate shown at the interview, preparing in well advance is necessary. Here’s what hiring managers can do to prepare for an interview in advance:

● Review the job’s tasks and responsibilities

● Look and act cordial, interested, and professional

● Be organized

● Make sure the interview location is quiet, comfortable, and non-threatening

● Create a comfortable atmosphere for candidates

● Prepare a list of questions you will ask

● Explain the interview process and ask if candidates have any questions

2. Ask relevant & valuable questions

The first point we would like to highlight here is asking relevant and valuable questions. In an interview, your main duty as a hiring manager would be to ask different questions and analyze how the candidate answers those questions. Avoid asking questions for the sake. Whatever questions you ask need to be relevant to the job position the candidate has applied for.

Apart from technical questions regarding the job position, consider asking valuable questions. It includes questions like - What attracted you to apply for this position? What steps do you take when making decisions? What motivates you to work? What are your short-term and long-term goals?

3. Have the candidate interview with other staff

Make sure to have the candidate interview with you and other staff members as well. It could be the staff member under whom the candidate would work if he/she gets selected. You might have great knowledge and experience in interviews. But, conducting the interview with other staff members will provide an idea to candidates about the environment at organization. Besides this, you (as a hiring manager) will get more data points about the candidate.

4. Document

You have compiled the list of questions you would ask during the interview, but it is also important to note down how the candidate answered various questions. As a hiring manager, you have to interview so many candidates. The chances are you may even forget the key skills and qualities candidates mentioned. Thus, the best thing you can do is write down the good and bad aspects of each interviewee. In a paper, you can also mention what unique answers of the candidate impressed you and what qualities disappointed you.

5. Give an honest picture of role and organization

The candidate would be eager to know about what exactly he/she can expect working at your company. Thus, during an interview, you must provide an honest picture of the role and organization. Research by the Robert Walters Group says 90% of employers in the US say it is very important to find candidates that are a good cultural fit - yet 73% of professionals have left a job because of poor cultural fit.

6. Allow candidates to ask questions

The primary job of a hiring manager is to ask questions and analyze their answers, but that doesn't mean candidates shouldn't get a chance to ask questions. The candidate might be unclear about the job position, duties & responsibilities, pay structure, or any other thing. At the end of the interview, it is advisable to ask

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