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Hiring Strategy: Preparing for an Interview

The Hiring's Manager Guide to Effectively Preparing for an Interview Making the most of your time with a candidate is critical in evaluating whether they are a suited to be a future employee. But how do you, as the hiring manager, ensure that you make the most of the few hours you have to talk with this prospective employee? Our tip: PREPARE in advance.

Think of your next interview as a meeting with a big client prospect - after all, the value of the *right* employee is just as significant as a big client. You would not walk in blind to a meeting that could land in a huge sale, would you? Here are our top 6 tips to ensure you make the most of your interview through the right preparation. 1.Research the candidate

- Review their resume and other submitted information (cover letter, portfolio). - Linked-in profile - in our online connected world, you can learn a lot about someone through their online presence. Don't overlook the power of this platform! - Do they know anyone current at your company? What feedback do any mutual connections share on this prospective candidate?

2.Prepare your interview questions

- We love a good mixture of technical, behavioral & job specific questions for an interview. - Stick to a set of the same questions if you are evaluating multiple candidates for the same role. This will provide a baseline for additional points of comparison when making your final decision.

3.Clarify your “selling points” for this specific opportunity

- In a competitive job market, sharing with candidates on why they should consider and want to work at your organization is important! What the highlights for this company, team, role? What career growth and development opportunity is available? What can you share about this opportunity that will make it stand out from others? Sometimes, these selling points can be more important than the salary - so make these stand out!

4.Coordinate with other interviewers

- You never want to give the candidate the impression your team isn’t well-coordinated – go into interview on the same page. What are the logistics for the interview: time, location, other interviewers involved? While it may seem trivial, the difference is in the details - both for the candidate experience and for the efficiency of your time.

5.Be ready to answer questions!

- Company’s mission, strategy and structure - Team projects, direction and goals - Steps in the hiring process - Benefits

6.Plan your time and follow a rough agenda to ensure you cover all relevant information - Clear your schedule for at least 10 minutes before and after each interview.

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