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How to Land Your Dream Job

Most people agree, looking for a job can feel like a full time job, and the idea of adding another element to the process like using a recruiter, sounds even more time consuming, not less. TalentFund understands that, so we’ve shared our tips to more efficiently work with a recruiter, in order to more quickly land your dream job. From highly specialized, top tier placement, to flexible or temporary opportunities, utilizing the assistance of a recruiting firm can alleviate most of your job hunting burdens.

The best part for you? Our help is absolutely free. Keep these five tips in mind when working with a recruiter, and give yourself more time to live your current life while we work on your future:

1. Get specific on what you what in your dream job.

•Your dream job come with big expectations! Understanding the details of your dream job is an important part of starting your search.

Try this practical exercise: before you start your job search, sit down and make a list of everything that your dream job will entail.

-Think through your day and outline these questions:

-What time will your work day start?

-Where will you be working? (This is an important one for many candidates these days!)

-How will you spend your time at work? What tasks & goals will you be focused on?

-Who will you be interacting with on a daily basis?

-What compensation package and benefits are you targeting in this job?

Get specific about what you want! This will help set a path for your job search and enable you to remain focused on finding your dream job.

2. Find a recruiter you can trust and connect with.

•Career changes are life changes. Walking through the process of applications, interviews and negotiations is extremely personal and can be overwhelming. When working with a recruiter that you trust, it can all become much easier to navigate.

•Think of a recruiter as a coach in your job search: they will help you get an understanding of opportunities that are available and will coach you through the job search and interview process.

3. Ask questions to understand the recruitment process.

•Every recruiting firm is different, and it is common for candidates to be unfamiliar with how it works. Ask questions to understand things like:

•How they work with clients and candidates?

•What industries do they specialize in?

•Are there specific types of roles that they look to fill (contract or full-time, entry level or c-suite, etc.)?

4. Prepare for your meeting.

•Bring your most updated resume and be able to transparently answer questions to narrow the focus:

•What kind of job are you looking for?

•What are pros and cons of previous roles and companies?

•Why are you in the job market?

•What are you salary and benefit expectations?

5. Communicate constantly.

•Explain employment history, any irregularities or important elements of your resume that may need more description

•Detail any job requirements early on; specific benefit packages, salary requirements, job location, etc. in order to allow your recruiter to eliminate companies proactively

•Provide ongoing feedback. Share your feedback following any interviews or job screenings to allow your recruiting team to continue to customize opportunities for your preferences, and continue to strategize with you for next steps.

•Remain transparent. If anything should change about your availability or desires, share with your team as quickly as possible.

Making a career change can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be taken on alone. The TalentFund team is here to help, all you have to do is ask!

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