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HOW TO: Tackle New Year Career Goals

A new year is always synonymous with new goals, new challenges and a renewed feeling of hope and change. The dream of a clean slate to be the best version of yourself and start to work towards the goals you have always kept in the back of your mind. This is your year to tick off some of the most common resolutions: improve finances and reduce stress. One of the most impactful ways to combat both of those? Evaluate your career and identify growth opportunities.

If you find yourself considering a career move, TalentFund has put together a list for how to make the most out of your New Year’s job search.

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Doing this at the start of each year helps keep information relevant and avoids panic or stress to update quickly if an opportunity arises. Be sure to include your latest accomplishments and any new responsibilities you may have undertaken

Connect with and expand your network

In the spirit of New Years, it is a great time to reach out to old colleagues or to make new connections, taking advantage of the communal feeling for growth and change

Get specific on your goals

Be clear and detailed on what you want, or don’t want. Consider your job search as a job itself, commit the time and energy to finding the right role or company for you, and stay efficient by identifying your desires at the start - don’t waste your time or energy otherwise

Research, research, research

Spend time reviewing specific roles and companies of interest to you. A well-researched candidate makes for a good candidate - consider this a vital part of your job search process to be prepared and stand out

Brush up on your skills

Revisit the basics - interviewing, networking, negotiations - these skills almost always come up in a job search, practicing and preparing for them helps you put your best foot forward

Don’t delay

There may never be the right time, or the perfect time for change. The new year, a life event, no one can predict when to make a move. Our best advice, be open to new opportunities, reach out, answer the call or apply - you never know which step could become the right place for you until you take it

Bonus tip: consider developing a job search plan, outlined in manageable chunks of time to maintain momentum and track your progress. Find examples of interval planning here.

While most of these tips are specific for job seekers, we challenge you to consider taking these steps to find growth within your company too! For some, it may be the right time to set up conversations with managers, document personal successes or business wins and vocalize your desire to continue growing where you are.

However your business or career goals look for 2023, make the most out of this new calendar year, lean in to the desire to ask questions, seek happiness and genuinely enjoy what you choose to do each day.

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