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TalentFund Tips: Interview Your Interviewer

Have you ever heard that you should be interviewing the company or interviewer, just as much as they are interviewing you? It makes sense in theory, you have to decide if you want this job with this company too, but in reality it seems that most of the questions are coming from the hiring party. While that may be the norm, it is critical for your personal and professional success, that you bring questions to the table in order to determine if this company, team and role is right for you. This not only showcases your interest and preparation for the opportunity, but it gives you the chance to get a glimpse into the world you may be joining.

Easier said than done, right? When you are in the moment and the imaginary microphone turns to you and they ask, “what questions do you have?” it may feel like a rhetorical question rather than a real opportunity. So, rather than scrambling to think of questions on the spot, or declining the opportunity to learn more about the business you may end up joining, we want to help you fill this uncomfortable silence. The TalentFund team has put together what our experience has proven to be the best tips on topics to address with your interviewer(s). The best part is, these questions and topics can (and should!) be customized to the specific company, role or interviewer.

Make It Personal:

  • How long have you been with this company and in your current role? What lead you to this organization in particular?

  • What keeps you working here?

  • What would you consider the best rewarding part of your role? What about the biggest challenge for your role?

Learn About the Organization, Insiders Scoop:

  • How would you describe the work environment here?

  • What is the competitive advantage of this organization, compared to your top competitors?

  • What gets you most excited about the company’s future?

Sneak Peak of the Team & Role:

  • Could you describe as the top strength(s) of the team I would be working with? What is the biggest strength you are looking for in the person filling this role?

  • What are the biggest challenges or opportunities for the team you are looking to hire for? How would this role help in those areas?

  • How would you identify success in this role? What is the desired timeframe for that success to be met?

Ask them all, or ask a few, the goal is to give you the full picture so that while they decide you are the right fit for their company, you have all of the information possible to decide if their company is the right fit for you.

Bonus Tip: Vet these questions before and during the interview to avoid asking questions that you should already know the answer to. What does that mean? Research the company, the role and the interviewer (if you can), beforehand, and be sure to adapt in the interview if your questions are answered through conversation. This helps show that you are both prepared, and an active listener.

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