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TALENTFUND TIPS: Jumpstart Your New Year

The year may be coming to an end, but our TalentFund team believes this is the best time to begin preparing for a fresh start in 2023, rather than waiting until January. Here are 4 tips to start working through today!

1. Recap the Year:

Highlight what happened in 2022. Revisit past accomplishments, major wins or milestones you, and even your team, had this year. As you recap each moment, think back to how those came to be, what hurdles or challenges were overcome in the process that could be used as a learning for the future? Bonus tip: extend this exercise throughout your team. Ask individuals to self-reflect, and consider setting this up as a team exercise to share in the wins and challenges that were faced, and overcome, together.

2. Prioritize Time for People and Celebrations:

This can be as simple as a coffee one morning, or a team lunch in the office, or maybe it’s finding time to enjoy a holiday happy hour before spending the holidays with family or loved ones. In the haste of holidays, year end business needs or last minute PTO, take time to help employees and team members feel connected with their work and their colleagues. This will go a long way in the new year, as people naturally reflect and evaluate their own goals and priorities. Giving a feeling of connection and pride for their work, can extend to a more engaged, loyal and productive team.

3. Make a plan:

Set your goals for January now. Be intentional with how you will start the new year, going as far as mapping out the first few days of the year to ensure a smooth, productive transition back into the office. Be sure to set expectations with your team as well, giving them confidence and direction for the new year while also building excitement to keep moving forward towards personal or company goals.

4. Fully Check Out:

Once your plans are in place and your affairs are in order, turn your "out of office" on and allow yourself, and your team, to fully check out. Studies show that employees that take time off, and actually disconnect from work, come back more engaged and enthusiastic about the work to be done. The end of the year and holidays is a natural time to allow for some R&R.

Try these tips out this season, we would love to hear how they help you and your company kick start your 2023!

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