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TALENTFUND TIPS: Listen to Learn. Podcasts for Hiring Managers

In our personal and professional lives, we are constantly absorbing new information, new ideas, products, you name it. Whether it be through our smartphones, computers or smart TV’s, the opportunities for growth and development are endless. Now, what was once taught through textbooks and seminars, is becoming readily available to consumers and professionals across any topic you can imagine. The most amazing part? These resources are often times completely free to access.

The most widely available and growing resource to note: Podcasts. Podcasts have become increasingly popular, with everyone from high-school kids to Hollywood celebrities producing material to share, educate and inspire anyone they can reach.

“There is a huge benefit to be gained by leveraging modern resources of connectedness and learning opportunities - and people management in the workplace is no exception.” Katie Hull, Parter and Co-Founder of TalentFund.

Research has shown that podcasts can improve retention of information and benefit the brain, while also allowing listeners to multi-task and minimize time spent in front of a screen. Another bonus, when you explore topics of interest to you through podcasts, you have additional benefits such as; hearing directly from leaders in your industry, exploring and connecting on unique topics, and broadening your circle of influence and thinking.

Here is a list of our favorite podcasts in the realm of hiring and retaining top talent:

  • People Managing People - Hosted by Tim Reitsma

  • Coffee with the Greats - Hosted by Miles Fisher

  • HR Happy Hour - Hosted by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

  • Working with People - Hosted by Pavestep

  • The Modern Manager - Hosted by Mamie Kanfer Stewart

With dozens, if not hundreds, of episodes each, these podcasts cover topics across the board of hiring, managing or developing people to become the managers or leaders they strive to be.

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