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TalentFund Tips: Staffing Challenges

In today’s world of endless streams of information shared out across various platforms, books, blogs and podcasts laser focusing on every aspect of an industry, experts sharing their hot take on how to tackle the trend of the moment and it can be overwhelming to find a way to tactically approach each topic. On top of that, the challenge of finding a way to standout or be original in your method is enough to almost give up entirely and keep doing what you’ve always done. For our team at TalentFund, we want to share some tips we consider when we try to stay creative, fresh and authentic in the seemingly never-ending staffing challenges that impact us all.

Creative recruiting. Take a step back and assess how your current recruiting process works, and see where you can implement some simple, yet effective changes. If you rely heavily on job search engines to capture potential candidates, or your company website job opening section, how could you extend the reach from there through simple LinkedIn posts? Consider implementing an employee referral bonus, allowing current employees to recommend candidates with an incentive for quality candidates in the form of a bonus upon 90 days of work. Tap into college programs or professors to funnel entry-level professionals directly to your attention, or consider offering specialized career growth training to entice professionals eager to advance their career long term.

Employer Branding. Consider how your business is perceived in the industry, in the city you’re in, amongst current and past employers. What is the equity your name, or even just logo, has outside of the walls of your business? Perception is reality for almost every area of our lives, so focusing on the external face of your company, is critical to standing out for prospective employees. Start with your website, your LinkedIn, how your employees present themselves on their LinkedIn, consider refreshing your logo or marketing efforts to show that you value the company, which in turn should prove you value the people within that company.

Flexibility. This is likely a topic that you see time and time again, and for good reason. It continues to become more and more apparent, that in a lot of industries, flexibility can still deliver high quality work and results. Some people work better late at night, some thrive on a traditional 9-to-5 schedule, at the end of the day the work can still be completed and your team can feel some semblance of control in their work life. What this also allows, is acceptance of a very common gig mentality most people are seeking as a way to make more money, and find creative ways to challenge themselves outside of their “day job”. Take a look at how you can shift your expectations for standard working structure and consider easing up on the formal processes where business allows.

Overall, what we know to be true is staffing challenges will never be completely resolved, but they can be addressed if you are willing to remain open-minded and adaptable to the evolving market.

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