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TALENTFUND TIPS: Tracking Trends - Workplace Pendulum

Being in the business of matching people to companies, and companies to people, TalentFund knows the importance of keeping track on client and candidate trends. The hot topic of late? Workplace location expectations.

The stars aligned for us at TalentFund, when a local news station reached out to co-owner Sydney Madl, asking for some inside scoop on how companies, and candidates, are keeping up with the swinging workplace pendulum. Striving to remain experts in our field, this is exactly the kind of information we continuously research and discuss, so we were honored at the opportunity.

Within this KSHB story, TalentFund was able to share their expertise on how the job industry is tracking the hottest topic for candidates and companies, working location. Since the initial push for remote work back in 2020, companies continue to adjust their protocols. What started as a medical or political guideline, has quickly become a bargaining tool for potential employees to negotiate.

Our very own TalentFund teammate, recruiter, Tori Marlo, shared her recent experience with negotiating location within client and candidate contracts. “It is a huge topic right now. I would say between clients and job-seekers, it’s a daily conversation we’re having,” Marlo said.

It is no longer just about pay, health or vacation benefits. Where a person is expected to work matters too, to both parties. The hard truth, the power is currently in the hands of the candidates and current employees. The means companies are now practically expected to offer flexibility when possible, or risk losing current or potential employees to more accommodating companies. While workplace flexibility simply is not an option for all roles or companies, it continues to be proved as a topic that cannot be avoided in any hiring or employee retention conversations.

At TalentFund, we are always looking to keep our ear to the ground to fully understand where the pendulum lies on any given day. Although it is currently in the favor of candidates, it is not guaranteed to stay this way forever. Reach out to a TalentFund team member if you are curious to hear where the pendulum is in the future!

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