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Tracking Trends: Recruiting in 2023

Similarly to resolutions to start your year, and reminiscing on wins or hurdles as you reflect at the end of your year, identifying and understanding potential trends around your industry has become a critical step in a recruiters career. The team at TalentFund makes an effort to keep up with anticipated trends and expected shifts in the recruiting and employee management industry. As the economy changes, as the world changes, we are eager to understand how businesses are, or could be, evolving in stride in order to ensure that their teams remain happy, their companies remain profitable, and their goals for the future remain attainable.

Here are some of the trends we are tracking for recruiting in 2023:

  • Candidate discovery challenges: It will continue to be difficult to find valid, qualified candidates, especially for certain industries. Between flexible “gig” style careers, and companies prioritizing culture and added benefits to retain their existing employees, the talent pool is dwindling.

  • Hiring demands remain: Despite seemingly frequent tech industry lay-offs, we have seen the small to mid-sized organizations are still actively hiring in this space. A shift in perspective to consider for potential employees who may be hesitant to seek employment at larger organizations, or hesitating to enter a traditional technology-centric role. An opportunity to shift to small or mid-sized organizations may open new opportunities not previously considered or even known.

  • Shifts in routine: As we all continue to see, the world of traditional 9-to-5 work days have transcended over the last three years. Employees continue to show interest, and expect, remote or hybrid work environments, and we don’t imagine this changing anytime soon. Employers are expected to follow suit and come to the table with enticing work-life policies.

  • Industry jumps: More often than before, workers are taking leaps towards significant changes in their careers, many of them moving to entirely new industries from their previous roles or considering new departments within their current company. This continues to put strain on the qualified talent pool as well, with traditional skills and experience being difficult to decipher for available roles.

As recruiters, we find comfort knowing that despite the upcoming challenges these trends may bring through the rest of this year, the outputs and the roles filled as a part of this, will continue to ensure even more, that the right people are placed in the right role and company. With the intention of finding long lasting, loyal employees, recruiters have the opportunity to ensure their client’s businesses are minimally impacted by the ever-changing and intimidating landscape of talent acquisition.

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